Stop it!

Wondering why Windows has a Start – but no Stop button? This may  change now if you  decide to download WinExit. Once installed you will wonder why you run Windows so long without it.

WinExit allows to shut down Windows by double click. Click’n Run.
Beside shutting down using different shut down types (also timer or alarm triggered), WinExit also is able to log the PC usage time, and provides a clean up service during shut down –  Everything with just one double click.

Not much to see?

WinExit appears as a Stop sign in the task bar. Right click starts all the options:First you choose the prefered way to shut down your system (Power off- or Force- shut down is recommended), then select your autostart method (in the settings) and your done.

Since WinExit starts and stops with windows, it  also can do some more jobs for you:
It is logging your usage time, which then can be displayed as a bar chart. You easily can monitor your working time per day, week or month.
You surely clean up your desk before you go, aren’t you? At least, WinExit perform this job for you, at least on your Computer. The funktion iss auto clean off .
Also Very convenient is the shut down function in combination with an alarm or timer event .  You can let finish your computer certain tasks, before he would be shut down.

Now WinExit also supports Multi language support
Currently Text based Language Files for German and English are available. Feel free to add new language files, which can be included in the application.

A Windows Bug caused WinExts Icon to disapear after Explorer Crash. With SP2, the Explorer seems to be less stable so this problems occure not too seldom. I redesigned WinExits Icon behavior completely to copy this issue.

Altogether this tool will save you 2 minutes per day! This means up to 10 hours per  year. You might think what else you might do during your saved 10 hours!

Screenshoot of WinExit Settings

Get Stable Version 5.3 with enhanced usage log. download Win Exit (Version 6.1.5, Supporting Windows 9x, NT, XP, VIsta, Windows 7. Latest Version works withot Admin Rights on Win 7 32 and 64 bit)