WhatNext is a ToDo Application, solely designed to keep track of the things you have todo. WhatNext helps to keep track on your tasks in a convenient and transparent way. The ToDo items are colored with respect to the item type, to provide the relevant information on the fly.

WhatNext organizes all your todo’s in a list form, and visualizes the status of those items by colors or different font styles.
E.g. the ToDo item turns red if the deadline has been exceeded.
When finally closing WhatNext, the standard todo list will be saved in the standard ToDo file.

To make things complete WhatNext allows to export the todo list into HTML or CSV. From CSV it is even possible to import the todo list as an extension of the existing todo list.

WhatNext will reside in the taskbar, after the user has pressed the X button in the upper right corner of the form. From here it WhatNext keeps track of your alarms. For maintaining the todo items, WhatNext can be reactivated via the right mouse button.

Completed Items can be deleted or (optional) savely moved to a history.tdo file, where the user can reaccess this elements at any time later on.
You also can save or load a todo file under a different file name as a kind of backup, in order not to finally lose any completed item.

WhatNext also provides several import and exporting functions. So the todo list can be im- and exported into csv format. It is also possible to create a todo list in HTML form, considering the actual coloring and design issues. From here the user can send it through the web, publish or simply print it.

WhatNext provides a multi language support, meaning the user can create a text based language file by the fly. So I am awaiting many language files, from you. Those files will be included to the WhatNext pac.
Currentl\y WhatNext ships with
Español (Alfredo Lamberti)
French (Fabrice D.) and
Dutch (Gerard Enter).

Thanks for the translation files.