Visual Basic file splitter

This small utility is able to split big file into smaller ones which fits onto a normal diskette. It is comparable with “disk spawning” of WinZip, but different to the spawning process File Splitter prepares the “splitters” on the hard disk. Then File Splitter helps to copy this files to any location, preferable A:\ one by one. The advantage of this procedure is in case one disk might have a failure, you are able to copy again only the file fragment from the spoiled diskette. This avoids to repeat the total spawn – set.

After File Splitter has copied your files to the diskette you may add it onto the last disk. Because of its small size File Splitter also will surely find a space for itself .

Because File Splitter is written in VB, first check whether you already have MS Visual BASIC’s Runtime Library on both of your Computers. You need MSVMVB60.DLL installed on every computer on which File Splitter needs to run!

Since I do not have VB anymore, I offer the source code of FileSplitter. Refer to File Splitter Readme.html for further details.