Tiny Tools

This is a place for some tools which I made for my own use, but not enhanced enough for a proper publishing. Maybe you find something you like.

First there is a theme readme generator. (200k)With this program you can create and save a HTML readme file for your selfmade desktop theme in no time. Just browse for Logo, Wallpaper, Zip file etc. write some comments and press ok. The theme file will have the wallpaper as background and include some comments and (sorry about that) links to some sites.

With the Subnet Calc (200k) you can calculate a subnet based on an IP adress plus the subnet mask. The method used is the one introduced in the Cisco ICND (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices) course. The calculator displays the decimal – and the binary values (screenshoot).

Delphi programmers have the pain to configure Delphi everytime a new installation has been accomplished. By saving some Registry Keys at least some of the work to be done after a new installation can be reduced. This small tool (DelphiRegistryBackup) will do this job. It creates a backup of the delphi registry keys and call them after a new installation of Delphi.

This tool is able to save days of configuration work!

However some issues have to be considered to get this up and done. First if you have a full copy of Delphi you can do fine. You have to reinstall because of the windows configuration. Then copy the backup on the installed directory. Then you can do the full registry backup.

If you dont have the full copy of Delphi, you have to accomplish the new installation in the same absolute folder location then the original location of Delphi
In this case you should backup the major keys only (2nd option in the backup tool).

And please bear in mind: Delphi must not be running while restoring the keys otherwise the restored registry values will be overwritten again!