sUSHi 2 is an outstanding programming editor with syntax highlighting for any language. It is meant for progammers, who work around with code of different languages daily. After sUSHi has been configured it is able to open any code file in the colors you prefer.
With its tabbed multi document interfaces you can actually open as much files as you like in the one allowed instance of sUSHi 2.
Some Funtions of sUSHi:Create a new project fast with sUSHi’s document templates.Add swiftly code to your files with code templates. Those templates are organized in a tree view and sorted after languages. You also can import and export code templates, to share your snippets. You can use those templates also as Code BankSend your code via mail , or convert it to HTML with sUSHi 2.Compile your projects with your command line compiler via sUSHi 2.Keep track of your work with the sUSHi ToDo list.
Of course sUSHi contain all usual Text editor features as they are: Drag’n Drop, Command Line Support, Print (Header / Footer), Print  Preview , stay on top, find replace, find in file etc. +++.

sUSHi comes with Highlightes for may Languages (e.g. Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, Pearl, HTML …), some code and document templates. I would appreciate if you create other code or doc templates, to send me a copy. I will publish them for all users. On this way the usage of the Code templates will be maximized.sUSHi 2 is freeware. However if you like sUSHi 2 please give ‘em a suitable rating at a download site where you found it.Thanks for using sUSHi.