Spy ky

Spyky is a tool that has been designed to fulfill certain privacy needs of a computer user. It records activities and key strokes, provides hot keys for several actions and erases or edits Internet traces in different comfortable ways. Furthermore SpyKy is equipped with some small gimmicks like password retrieval and the ability of capturing Flash movies.

Here is how it works:

Spiky’s functions could be grouped into two main directions, to “spy” and to “cover”.

What does the “Spy”!

By installing a system wide Key Hock SpyKy is able to record every keystroke and mouse click in the system. This is a great opportunity to control what others did at your computer. This system wide hook also allows the preparation of system wide Hot Keys. Then it is possible to start any program as defined in the SpyKy options, and also close, minimize or restore any process or any program based on its title.
With the Boss key you can clean up your PC and start some additional tasks just with a short cut (Alt+E).

Hide and Seek!

The second set of functions of SpyKy is the ability to clean Internet traces. This job can be performed in some different ways. If you prefer the general clean up, you can clean Internet files, some registry items and the Recycle Bin with one button completely.
But the cache, history etc. in the Windows system does fulfill a function. So by cleaning all the stuff, you cannot use auto complete, need more time to lead a web page etc. Therefore SpyKy also provides a more subtitle way to get this job done. It allows a timer triggered selective clean up, based on some search terms.

On this way you can for example eliminate the traces pointing to “ebay”, but leaving the rest of the history as it is.
But also here you might not catch all traces. Sometimes the history item hides behind a unsuspecting number, but when opening the history with the explorer, you might find headers which you might like to have deleted.

Well therefore another way of cleaning up is the time window clean up. By starting this function SpyKy eliminates all internet traces between a time frame, or optional in the last hour. You can set the time in the SpyKy GUI, or simply via popup menu.