Icon Filter

Those who build Programs or Desktop-Themes will never have enough Glyphs and Icons. So why not starting an own creation. You may look in the resource section of the EXE, DLL and other files on your hard disk to look for this stuff.
An EXE file is like an tool box. The program put everything inside, which is needed to make the program acting multimedial. You find the icons visible in explorer, bitmaps, strings, message boxes and even movies in such an file. Now it is also possible to save the icons in high colors. Save Icons as Icon, Curosor or Bitmap, other resource itesm as they are..

With Resource Filter you can dig into this tool box and collect whatever you find. By selecting a single file or an entire directory you can obtain everything from a group of icons to several MBytes of resource items.
Resources can be found in EXE, DLL and OCX files.
However, not all Exe files provide resources in the readable format. In this case Resource Filter writes an error message into a log file.
Resource Filter also provide a resource explorer which let you browse through all resources manually.

Resource Filter not only read resources. With Resource Filter you are able to replace the main icon of a file . So you can create a Flash movie with an unique icon!
ResourceFilter is Freeware

Install and unistall support; Help file included.
Current version: 1.0
Last update 30.Juli.2005