JawGrid is a very attractive PC-Clone of the adictive JawBreaker (c) Game from the Pocket PC. It might be explained as a mix between MahJong and Tetris. However you can use any image e.g. balls or even ducks instead of boring bricks.

I have created JawGrid after my wife and my kids have started to occupy my pocket PC because they were playing this game. So I need to get it on the PC. Since I did not find a really good clone, I needed to create one.

The rules are rather simple but nevertheless the game play becomes very amazing.

You have each 26 balls of 5 colors in your gaming field. You have to look for balls of the same color vertically or horizontally in a row. Double click will then burst all connected balls. The goal is to group as much balls together as possible, cause this boost your points. Addionally you receive a bonus if you keep a small number of remaining balls when the game is finished.

There are four different modes for playing (normal, shift, add mega row, add mega shift row), which makes JawGrid even more interesting.

To start a competition, every mode keeps an own high score list.