FosiX is a tool designed to the storage consumption of the folders including their subfolders in a browsable chart or size tree view structure.

You can simply navigate through those visualized folders by clicking on the chart elements or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Beside you can clean up your hard disk by eliminating temporary files, clean up shortcuts and empty folders and clean up internet tracess to free up some space or simply clean up your machine. Please look on the functions page for more details.
As a result you will explore your hard disk with Fosi and keep the value of all folders in mind. Usually with Fosi you will be free up more space as as by just with deinstallation of programs.
(see image).How does it work?

First Fosi has to scan a certain directoy, drive or all storage devices of your machine. During this task Fosi cumulates the size of all directories including subdirectories. This information is organized in an virtual size tre. You can swiftly navigate through this tree to display the folders structure via Size Tree, Pie Chart or Bar Chart. Anytime you can open the current folder with the embedded explorer, zoom into the charts, delete or move folders.
 size ranking view Fosi displays a list with the largest folders of the size tree.
How does it look

See the following screenshoots of FosiX
Here you find a snapshot of the user Interfase FosiX, and in another shoot the size tree, the components visualizing the disk. As a disk management tool the Explorer plane adds functionality to the Windows explorer. The last shoot shows an image of some cleanup functions. Beside visualizing Fosi also export reports of the actual disk size conditions. Here you may download samples of reports in HTML (with images and working links), CSV and Excel (with pie chart) format.

Where can I get it?

Fosi is Freeware now!!. Get FosiX here:FosiX(2400kb)