Crypter is a cute litle tool capable to encrypt files with Steganography . Steganography is a 100% secure encryption method that puts the data information into an image. This is absolute secure, because nobody can control whether the color information of a pixel with 16 mil colors variates by one bit!

Usually steganography usually needs very big bitmap image files to hide the data inside. This will make this encryption type not very handy for other sources as text files. On top of this you need to handle (store and remember) the key image as well. The key image is required to decrypt the data later on.

Crypter is different. First of all it provides a very effective encryption combined with embedded file compression that allows decreasing the size of the resulting Image dramatically!
Crypter uses the key (source) image to create a decrypted (output) image. Where by the size of the key image does NOT need to fit the size needs of the file that should be decrypted!
To allow this, the key or source image (bmp or jpg Image!) will be converted and resampled before it will be used for decryption!

Furthermore the handling is easy and user friendly. You can encrypt a file with one click from explorer context menu. You than may send the encrypted image or the key image or the application (zipped) per Email to your buddy with one click. This keeps it simple to decrypt the data files later on.
When using Crypter the first time a Wizard helps you going through the process of en- and decryption in a step-by-step manner.

Below there (If your browser doesn’t show the picture, you have to click the link) is an Encrypted Image created by Crypter. All the hackers out there: Feel free to decrypt the image however you may be able to. There is an Excel file inside! If one succeeds I will publish the result!

Curious? I hope so!