CoolCap (CoolCap is the successor of Screen Shooter ) is a MDI Picture Viewer combined with a Screen Shot utility and additional image editing features.
With CoolCap you can create up unlimited single- or multiple screen-shoots within one session. Just draw a rectangle on the screen, or focus a window and pressing a key code. Or with a fixed frame, make a few pictures from a AVI movie.Those shoots are saved in a MDI picture viewer as a *.jpg or *.bmp file. 
You can edit your image with MSPaint directly from CoolCap.

From here you can start the Icon Converter. Take your shoots and convert them into high quality icons.
You can capture your favourite Celebrate from the picture in the browser into an Icon for your Application within seconds. ScreenShooter uses high quality resample filters to perform this task.

 You may also improve this Icons with the free Resource Workshop Icon Editor from Microsoft later on. This is also the fastest way to create those Icons used in Desktop Themes etc.

Major functions of CoolCap

  • Create Screen shots
  • View Images
  • Convert Image to icon
  • Edit image with MSPaint
  • Send screen shot via email

 Something new also here: Creation of high color Icons, Image Editing functions undo and redo function. Furthermore the functionality of CoolCap will be enhanced further.

 Preview CoolCap
 Download CoolCap (730k, version 2.0.12)  Last update11.03.2006





since Sep. 2001